Enhanced Visibility.

We provide security analysts with enhanced visibility to monitor on-premise and heterogeneous multi-cloud infrastructures seamlessly, thoroughly understanding the risk gaps of an organization, and threat context of an attack.

Gradient’s Quorum is a big data platform that baselines cybersecurity health and exposes compliance risks and IT threats without enormous effort.

The Quorum technology uses machine learning and A.I. to autonomously corroborate logs and security events from data, devices, networks, users, applications and give visibility into threats that matter. Using the NIST Framework, Quorum automates risk score assessments of people, processes, technologies, data, risk, and compliance and provides a Security Health Roadmap™ for constant improvement.

Radically Different

Power of Information.

Quorum is a fundamentally different technological approach to cybersecurity threat identification that ingests all available raw data at a scale and speed of analysis that is unparalleled in cost and performance. Quorum applies protection by applying military principles of ‘threat attrition’ to cybersecurity. The platform integrates a deep understanding of hackers and attack vectors into its A.I. analysis and corroborates limitless raw data from four attack zones: endpoint, segment, perimeter, and ecosystem, to prioritize and prevent threats before they can do harm.


Today’s security management is overwhelming.

Data, devices, users, networks, and applications are unmanageable and not interconnected. Data collection does not translate to a healthy posture or actionable information without enormous effort and skill. Quorum addresses all these problems in a single solution that delivers measurably better visibility at an attractive cost.

Gradient’s Security Health Roadmap™ is an industry first to score an organization’s security posture on the NIST Framework and a multitude of other compliance regulations. It then guides and automates labor-intensive security log and event data into actionable reports for smarter decision making, mitigation, and improvement.


Military Principles.

Based on military principles of risk attrition, Gradient applies visibility and protection to four zones of detection:  Endpoint, Segment, Perimeter, and Ecosystem. These zones enable activity awareness and threat mitigation from the ‘outside-in’ to reduce event and log noise down to actionable insights. All displayed in a unified view for easy analysis and orchestration.

Break alerts into Four Analytic Zones create detection engagement areas.

Easily visualize and orchestrate action from a single interconnected pane of glass.

A.I. analysis builds contextual situational awareness of threats that matter.

Armed with this knowledge we attrit risk and improve visibility across the organization.


Gradient is offered in three levels of managed subscriptions: Standard, Enterprise, and Extended Enterprise.


Get Proactive Protection.

Implementing Gradient gets your organization leaning forward on protection.  Operationally improving security posture while enabling a unified view of corroborated and analyzed data across devices, apps, users, networks, and other security products.


Protecting students and staff is both a legal regulation and ethical obligation.  However, attackers recognize these institutions are under resourced. Gradient fortifies the schools network and staff. 


Financial institutions are prime targets for its financial assets and customer information.  Gradient has deep expertise protecting banks from all types of threats.


Any interruption in a supplier’s supply chain is detrimental.  Gradient’s four zone protection of endpoints, segments, perimeter and ecosystem enables threats to be reduced and exposed before they can cause harm.


Managed Detection and Response. 

Sometimes you just can’t do it all yourself. Cybersecurity is an overwhelming segment of IT and its ok to need help.   Gradient is able to partially or fully augment staff to help ensure your organization is protected. Whether assisting with reporting for Audits or providing daily monitoring and incident response, Gradient has deep skills in its services team.


Represent or manage an award winning platform.

Partners are the trusted advisors to end users protection.  Representing the best of breed and next generation technology exhibits confidence and extends services to keep those customers protected.   Gradient is partner centric and focused on providing the best program for success.

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