Next-Generation Security Intelligence Platform

Gradient provides a holistic approach to viewing and managing the security and risk posture of your organization. We ensure that you gain critical insights that allow you to take proactive actions.

Visibility into threats that matter

Gradient’s Next-Generation Security Intelligence Platform uses machine learning and A.I. to autonomously corroborate logs and security events from data, devices, networks, users, and applications that give you visibility into threats that matter. Using the NIST Framework, Gradient automates risk score assessments of people, processes, technologies, data, risk, and compliance, and provides a Security Health Roadmap™ for continuous improvement.

The Challenge

Do you have the right Security Intelligence to make proactive decisions that will strengthen your cybersecurity posture?


Power of Intelligence

Gradient’s Next-Generation Security Intelligence Platform is a fundamentally unique approach to cybersecurity that allows you to proactively identify vulnerabilities that can be exploited, at a scale and speed of analysis that is unparalleled. 


Today’s security management is overwhelming

Gradient’s Cybersecurity Health Roadmap™ is an industry first. We score an organization’s security posture using the NIST Cybersecurity Framework, in addition to a multitude of other compliance regulations.  Our approach automates and guides labor-intensive security logs and event data into actionable reports for smarter decision making, risk mitigation, and overall improvement of your cybersecurity posture. 


Rich Contextual Data

We have developed a platform that has the ability to gather and correlate data from NetFlow, logs, alerts, and events from a wide range of sources, such as SIEMs, Firewalls and EDR solutions. Cybersecurity health and real security intelligence is a dynamic interconnection of people, processes, and technologies working together.


Get your Cybersecurity Health Scorecard.

Our Next-Generation Security Intelligence Platform identifies potentially suspicious actions within your environment.  Our platform also gives you proactive actionable insights, an understanding of your risk gaps across people, processes, and technologies, and baselines where you are at on any given day.  The Cybersecurity Health Score™ is based on the NIST Cybersecurity Framework in key areas related to users, network, devices, data, and applications.

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