Managed Detection and Response Service.

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ACE Security Operations Team

Gradient Alert and Compliance Experts (ACE) are battle tested in the United States Government and large organizations in managing and orchestrating data, logs, events, threat intelligence, operational behavior and incident response.

They have deep expertise and broad skills in identifying, discerning, and acting on threats that matter.   This type of experience is hard to find and difficult to retain staff in most organizations. Gradient’s team has the right talent that is committed to protecting your organization.

The ACE team acts as the trusted security advisor for your internal IT team, so you always have direct access to them by phone or email.

They continuously monitor your environment using the Quorum platform and conduct both routine and non-routine tasks to improve your security posture.  Gradient’s ACE team is available as an optional service and is made up of expert analysts and operators. They proactively perform forensic analysis, and provide actionable plans to help remediate incidents.

What you get


Link your data sources to Quorum, an award-winning security operations management platform.


Remain aware of discerning alerts and situational reports.


Identify and if needed, remediate before damage occurs.

Risk Scoring

Baseline your security posture and improve its score.


Ensure proper reporting and improving  compliance status.

Security & Compliance Management.

One of the key advantages of Gradient and the Quorum Security Operations Management Platform is the ability to establish a true understanding of your security gaps in people, processes, and technologies.   In a dynamic environment of change, hackers seek out these gaps to exploit their entry and damage. Use Gradient’s Managed Detection and Response service to solidify your gaps.

Improving your security posture.

With a team behind you and working for you, there is also a roadmap for improving your security posture. This is a daily score, dynamically created by the changing environment, data, monitoring and compliance questionnaire of your organization. This score attributes a means to proactively improve on the security gaps and display your effort to close them.


“Gradient provides us the confidence to know what we didn’t realize was occurring in our security posture. Their team of experts set us straight on what we needed to work on and helped get us on the right path.”

VP of IT

Texas Independent School District


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16400 Dallas Pkwy.
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