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Cybersecurity Health isn’t Black or White!


Cyber maturity and health vary widely.

Gradient is a next generation Security Operations Management platform and services company. Because cyber maturity and health vary widely, the expertise and availability of people, processes, and technology leave gaps in prevention, detection, and response. Gradient fills the gaps and makes you more secure!

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Fill Security Gaps

Baseline your security health and compliance status with a score based on the NIST Framework.  Give yourself a clear understanding of your people, processes, and technology.

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Improved Protection

Establish a roadmap and process for constant improvement. Monitor your security health score against your industry and ensure the maintenance of compliance regulations.

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Prevent & Respond

Reduce the abundance of alerts and event logs to manage the IT and Security Infrastructure better, prevent threats, and get prioritized situational reports on what’s important.


“Gradient gives us the confidence in the ability to visualize our situation and improve our cyber posture.”


SVP Security Operations

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Get your Cyber Health Scored.

Gradient enables a proper understanding of your risk gaps in people, processes, and technologies and baseline where you are today, and what you work on tomorrow. The Cybersecurity Health Check Score is based on NIST Framework in four key areas related to protecting devices, data, and company resources:
  • Preventing identity compromise
  • Securing apps and data
  • Expanding device controls
  • Safeguarding infrastructure

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Roadmap to Improve Cyber Posture. 

Cyber health and real security is a dynamic interconnection of people, processes, and products working together.  Gradient’s Quorum™ platform and Alert and Compliance Experts (ACE) SOC services team monitor your security posture performance and address gaps that need attention, enabling constant improvement across the organization.

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Prioritize Effort on Threats that Matter.

Threats often go unnoticed due to both gaps in tech and an overwhelming amount of data to analyze. Gradient provides immediate visibility into prioritized events, alerts, and insights by corroborating the multitude of data, devices, networks, applications, and users in an automated, artificial intelligence manner that groups risks into situational reports.

Our Customers

Don’t remain fatigued and ‘blind’ from overwhelming alert volume.

Logs, alerts and events mean nothing if they aren’t analyzed or acted upon. However, the volume us untenable. Gradient’s Quorum™ platform reduces risk and increases visibility by turning the ‘noise’ into meaningful insights. Quorum applies military principles of threat attrition to cybersecurity. It integrates and autonomously analyzes data from endpoints back through the organization’s perimeter, segments, and ecosystem to easily identify threats and prioritize what’s important.


Security Expertise Augmented and Outsourced.

Gradient operates as a fully outsourced Managed Detection and Response service or as general staff augmentation to your internal team. 

In both cases, you gain confidence that your organizational cybersecurity is being operated, monitored, and acted upon by some of the world’s best cyber experts. 24 by 7 by 365.

Managed Detection and Response Service

Compliance and security

Live monitoring by security professionals and compliance experts help businesses ensure they are compliant and continue to improve on their overall security posture.

  • Remain confident that you and your MDR team are doing everything to maximize your cybersecurity.
  • Reduce risk and eliminate vulnerabilities
  • Easily and quickly respond to changing dynamics and requirements (for auditors and hackers)
  • Maintain constant touch of the situation with reports and personal touch from our threat and risk experts.


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