Security Intelligence Platform 

Gradient is the only Security Intelligence Platform that cross–correlates live NetFlow and log information with a 500 point risk analysis evaluation to produce weighted evidence that is clear, concise, and provides actionable insights for continuious cybersecurity improvement.

“Having a clear knowledge of our cybersecurity risk posture at any time, with a roadmap of recommendations to help us improve, is extremely valuable.”


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Better VisIbility 

500-point Security Analysis

Gradient’s Security Intelligence Platform will provide you with the most comprehensive view of your organization’s Cybersecurity Health Score™. Our detailed roadmap delivers you a live-data Cybersecurity Health Roadmap™ that will give you a proactive baseline of your security health and compliance status. Our platform was built using the NIST Cybersecurity Framework, and provides you actionable insights to improve your overall Cybersecurity Health Score™.

Better value

Comprehensive, Turnkey Solution

Gradient gives you automated workflows that provide you immediate value.  With a 30- minute install,  you network data is collected at unparalleled speed with a minimal digital footprint.  Gradient provides actionable insights and intelligence giving you the power to continuously improve your    Cybersecurity Health Score™.

Better Partnership

Committed to Customer Success

More than just a compliance checkpoint, Gradient, together with our trusted partner ecosystem, provides you a monthly touchpoint that will review your unique risk, compliance status, and roadmap for improvement review.  Gradient helps you harden your cybersecurity infrastructure, gives you prioritized situational reports on threats that matter, and moves you to a more proactive approach to your cybersecurity.

Better Awareness

Actionable Insights

Our Next Generation Security Intelligence Platform identifies potentially malicious actions within your IT environment.  Our platform also gives you proactive actionable insights, an understanding of your risk gaps across people, processes, and technologies, and baselines where you are at on any given day.  The Cybersecurity Health Score™ is based on NIST Cybersecurty Framework related to protecting devices, data, and company resources.

Better Analytics 

Proactive Approach

Logs, alerts, and events mean nothing if they aren’t analyzed or acted upon. Gradient’s Next-Generation Security Intelligence Platform provides immediate visibility into prioritized events, alerts, and insights by corroborating a multitude of data, devices, networks, applications, and users in an automated, artificial intelligent manner that groups risks into situational reports.  Gradient integrates and autonomously analyzes data from endpoints back through the organization’s perimeter, segments, and ecosystem to easily identify suspicious activity.

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